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  • You Need a Multifunction Vlogging Camera Cage Rig
    Jan 25 , 2021
                                                      This is a universal video shooting kit for vlog, film, interview and other creation. It comes with an adjustable C-frame camera cage that can adjust from 68mm to 145mm (with two different sliding bars), an adjustable cheese h...
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  • What is the Camera Cage
    Nov 20 , 2020
    As photographers and videographers, you must own a tripod, which can help you shoot great video. But beyond that, what else is needed? I often receive questions from junior photographers like this, and I always suggest them to own a camera cage. The camera cage is a mounting system. It's an open metal casing for your camera with multiple female screw threads for attaching a lot of accessories. Usu...
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  • Cheap Camera Cage Rig Kit for Nikon D7100 Canon 80D
    Oct 28 , 2020
    HDRIG sells the cheap camera cage with high quality. It is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and durable to use. Here will introduce a lightweight camera cage rig for Nikon D7100, Canon 80D, Sony A7 II, etc. This cage’s main role is to protect your camera and to give you a base to attach essential accessories. Key Feature Full-frame cage kit for Nikon D7100, Canon 80D, Sony A7 II, etc Detachabl...
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  • Set Up Your Smartphone Vlogging Kit with Excellent Grips and Rigs
    Oct 16 , 2020
    By adding an extra stabilization to your phone, the photography and cinematography of the smartphone can be improved greatly. Using a gimbal is very suitable for shooting smooth moving shots. However, gimbals can be tricky, some gimbal needs to be recharged regularly and they can also break down easily. The grip is stronger and mostly cheaper, it allows you to take more “handheld” style footage. Y...
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  • What Is The Use Of Dummy Battery
    Jun 30 , 2020
    The battery powers the machine, which is a common phenomenon since the electrical age. A camera can‘t work without the battery. But photographers always suffer such problems such as the prepared battery is insufficient or the battery is aging and it is difficult to support all the work. Then, a dummy battery was created. What is dummy battery? Dummy battery is not a real battery, it is just an ele...
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  • How to Setup Your Shoulder Rig?
    Apr 15 , 2020
         The shoulder rig is a dynamic device that moves with the camera operator. It allows the filmmaker to move flexibly, which can actually help increase efficiency during production. Why use a shoulder rig? Because many of today's cameras are lightweight, and they are not ergonomically for hand-held operation. Using them without some type of stabilization system can render many of ...
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  • Why Do People Have to Buy a Camera Cage
    Apr 09 , 2020
    The camera cage is a modest accessory that has not attracted enough attention. When you accidentally put an expensive camera in danger, then you will remember the importance of the camera cage. Purchasing a high-quality and reliable camera cage is a good way to protect the camera from damage and improve its handling stability. Here are a few reasons why a camera cage will make your life easier. BM...
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  • Camera Cage Under $100
    Mar 18 , 2020
    Simply to say, the camera cage is used to protect your device and it can be an extension bracket for extra accessories. It also makes your shooting more stable and smooth and good for low angle shooting. HDRiG offer the camera cage below $100. The Basic Camera Cage is very practical and lightweight. With array of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points on the cage rig for attaching accessories and uni...
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  • HDRiG Shoulder Mounting Rig Solutions
    Dec 13 , 2019
    Although great videos can be shot with just cameras and lenses, many filmmakers find they need additional accessories.Most cine cameras come with some mounting options but it is not enough for adding all external accessories you need.You need a rig that can be mounting and balance accessories. It also can give you a comfortable shooting experience. Let's take a look at the best rigs on HDRiG. The ...
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  • HDRiG A6600 solutions
    Dec 06 , 2019
    Camera a6600 is a new product released by Sony in the second half of 2019. Once released, it was loved by many photographers. We often receive emails that inquiry about the cage and other accessories for a6600. Here is the solution for the a6600. All the first is the cage of the a6600. We have launched two half cages. Half cage design solves the problem of overheating of camera acce...
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