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HDRiG A6600 solutions
Dec 06 , 2019

a6600 cage

Camera a6600 is a new product released by Sony in the second half of 2019. Once released, it was loved by many photographers. We often receive emails that inquiry about the cage and other accessories for a6600.

Here is the solution for the a6600.

All the first is the cage of the a6600. We have launched two half cages. Half cage design solves the problem of overheating of camera accessories.

The Sony A6600 Half Cage H1380 features a cold shoe mount on the top and has multiple 1/4 "-20 mounting threaded holes. This helps expand the camera attachment. There is 1/4"-20 screw on the bottom in order to lock the camera. This half frame can be perfect fit for a6600.

The Sony A6600 Half Cage H1850 is similar to the first one but it comes with a quick-release NATO rail on the top. The slider design makes it effortlessly attach or detach a handle or some other devices. This half frame can also be used with Canon EOS M / M10 cameras.

With the camera in the cage, you still have access to the SD card slot, battery compartment, all camera controls, and port doors.

Sony A6600 Half Cage H1380Sony A6600 Half Cage H1850

The top handle of the cage can be matched with the latest durable, lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction handles. There is a hot shoe connector on the top.

If you need more expansion, you can use a cheese handle. A large number of 1/4 "-20 threaded mounting holes give you more mounting points.

Those who want a better feel can use our wooden grip, rubber grip or leather grip to make you feel more comfortable.

Form-fitting Sony A6600 cage H1112

This form-fitting camera cage designed for Sony Alpha a6600/ILCE 6600 digital SLR camera. The delicate structure allows full access to the camera's buttons and controls and does not block the battery compartment.

It secured the camera via the 1/4” threaded hole on the bottom. And it features a plate for Arca Swiss allow to mount your camera for Arca type tripod directly。

Made of aluminum alloy and machined by precision CNC, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, durable to use.

This camera cage also fits Sony Alpha a6500/ILCE 6500.

Form-fitting Sony A6600 cage

The top handle provides the convenience of low-angle shooting, and sometimes you need to use the side handle for more stable shooting. As one of our best selling products, the ergonomic wooden handle has always been loved by everyone. It provides an awesome grip and you can hold the ergonomic design comfortably when shooting.

HDRiG Camera Top Handle

Come and choose your favorite accessories for your a6600 camera.

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