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Why Do People Have to Buy a Camera Cage
Apr 09 , 2020

The camera cage is a modest accessory that has not attracted enough attention. When you accidentally put an expensive camera in danger, then you will remember the importance of the camera cage.
Purchasing a high-quality and reliable camera cage is a good way to protect the camera from damage and improve its handling stability.

Here are a few reasons why a camera cage will make your life easier.

Camera Rig AccessoriesBMPCC CAGE SET

1. Protect Your Camera

Why most of filmmakers like to buy a camera cage? This is the reason.
Cameras and camcorders are precision equipment. At the same time, it is also very expensive. If the camera is dropped or scrapped, a cage can protect the exterior of the camera from damage. This is especially important for smaller digital SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras made of lighter plastic.
2. Better Ergonomics
Mirrorless cameras don’t come with handles. A cage lets you reposition your handle for better ergonomics. For example, a top handle can help you to get a low angle shooting stably. If you start adding a large zoom at the front, or battery packs at the back of your camera, the handle can balance the center of gravity, and make carrying the camera stable.Camera Cage AccessoriesHandheld Cage

3. Added Mounting Points

Most professional filmmakers rarely use their cameras as they come out of the box. They add wireless video and audio systems, follow focus controls, and external batteries. Without a cage, the single Cold Shoe Mounts that come with most cameras quickly get used up. A cage provides dozens of mounting points, which you can customize to your individual needs.
4. Resale value
The difference between the "good" and "very good" ratings of second-hand cameras is about 10%. For second-hand cine cameras, this could be hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. Using the camera cage means that you will not get the gadget marks and stains that every camera will get when you replace the tripod plate or install and remove the handle.
Camera Cage AccessoriesSony A7R Series Cage

In the end, find a worthwhile cage for your camera and budget. HDRiG is a camera accessories manufacturer that designs for professionals to produce high quality camera accessories. We provide the camera cage, handle, shoulder rig, and other accessories. Here you can arm your camera and get our professional advice and support.HDRiG Camera Accessories

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