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What is the Camera Cage
Nov 20 , 2020

As photographers and videographers, you must own a tripod, which can help you shoot great video. But beyond that, what else is needed?

I often receive questions from junior photographers like this, and I always suggest them to own a camera cage.

The camera cage is a mounting system. It's an open metal casing for your camera with multiple female screw threads for attaching a lot of accessories.

Usually, when we shooting videos with camera, we need to add some accessories, such as a microphone, a LED light, and others. A camera can not offer more mounting points except a hot shoe.

One of the benefits of camera cages is that it provides plenty of threaded holes and shoe mounts. With the 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 standard threaded holes and shoe mount, magic arms, monitor, microphone, lights and other accessories can be attaching.

Attaching handles on the top or on either side of your camera body provides smooth camera operation. A cage provides you all the connection points for these accessories, and you can select which ones are going to be most useful depending on your shoot. If you will be shooting at a low angle, then a top grip will be the one to go for, and side handles will be better for shooting from the eyeline.

The camera will fit inside the main body of the cage, and the cage itself is then used to mount all the other useful accessories you want for smooth video recordings. Nothing actually fits on the camera, eliminating stress on vulnerable camera parts.

Using camera cages is improve the extra stability. It can well disperse the jitter produced by shooting video to achieve a smooth shooting.

In addition, adding a base plate kit with a 15mm dual rod system to your cage can further expand your equipment. Support bracket for the lens, follow focus and matte box all can be attaching to your device. These accessories allow us to get more creative works. Usually indispensable when photographers work.

The last one is the protect function what is often mentioned. The benefit of a cage is the added protection for your camera when it accident fall down.

The Suggestion Cage:

Sony A6500 Cage

Sony A6400 Cage

Sony A6600 Cage

Panasonic GH5 Cage

Nikon D7100 Cage

BMPCC 4K/6K Cage


Camera Universial Rig

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