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You Need a Multifunction Vlogging Camera Cage Rig
Jan 25 , 2021

                                                 Universal Video Shooting Kit

This is a universal video shooting kit for vlog, film, interview and other creation.

It comes with an adjustable C-frame camera cage that can adjust from 68mm to 145mm (with two different sliding bars), an adjustable cheese handle that can be moved back and forth to keep the center of gravity, and a wooden left handle.

You can lock your camera safely through the camera shoe mount and the 1/4 threaded hole on the bottom.

Yes, this cage set up two ways to lock the camera to prevent deflection. There is a shoe mount adapter on the top plate.

When mounting the camera, put the shoe mount adapter into the shoe mount and lock, then adjust the height of the cage and lock the 1/4 screw of the bottom, the camera will not move and deflect when shooting.

The camera cage is a universal cage and fits many different cameras. It equipped with two pairs of Sliding Bar (68mm/105mm) that adjust the height from 68mm to 105mm and from 105mm to 145mm. If you own several different cameras, this cage will be your best choice.

But here is a tip you must make sure the distance between the camera's battery cabin and 1/4 thread hole is greater than 25mm so the battery compartment door would not be blocked, then you can change the battery freely.

The cage kit equips a cheese top handle. It is a multi-function handle.

It has several 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes that allowing you to mount the accessories like magic arm directly.

Except for 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes, It also has 3 hot shoe mounts. 3 built-in cold shoes can be installed with LED lights, microphones, etc. The 15mm rod clamp suit for a 15 mm rod and can mount various types of accessories.

In addition, the handle can slide back and forth and change direction. Loosen the knob,the handle can be moved back and forth to adjust the center of gravity. You can also change the direction of the handle mount adapter to make it a side handle.

The cage also comes with a wooden left handle. Ergonomic design, comfortable grip. It will not be as cold as the cheese handle in winter. And the wood handle has stronger sweat absorption and anti-skid ability. It can help you maintain stability during shooting and avoid shaking.

Universal Video Shooting Kit

This camera cage can be mount with photography accessories like LED light, microphone and small on-camera monitor.

We equipped with a mini led light. The small camera video light design with soft light board, make supplement light softer and not dazzling. Yellow and white light can be adjusted faster and dimming changed quickly with different scenes. Truly restore the color of the object.

                                     On-Camera Mini LED Light

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