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HDRiG Shoulder Mounting Rig Solutions
Dec 13 , 2019

Although great videos can be shot with just cameras and lenses, many filmmakers find they need additional accessories.Most cine cameras come with some mounting options but it is not enough for adding all external accessories you need.You need a rig that can be mounting and balance accessories. It also can give you a comfortable shooting experience.

Let's take a look at the best rigs on HDRiG.

Super Shoulder Rig For DSLR Video Camera

The super shoulder rig is a high-quality shoulder rig work with most cameras, including mirrorless and DSLRs. It comes with a camera mounting baseplate set, a comforting shoulder pad, and a pair of leather handle which has standard M6 ARRI Rosette mount connection. Four 15mm rods (different long) connected all the accessories though a Z shape rod clamp.

This is one of the best seller products in HDRiG Store. For more detail please read the blog.

Pro Shoulder Mount Rig With Dual Wooden Handgrip

With the Pro Shoulder Mounted Rig, it promises a ready-to-use rig with flexible configuration options. It comes with a pair of 12-inch rods and a pair of 8-inch rods, both using the 15mm standard. Adjustable ball head ergonomic wooden handles, a Z-shape connector and a camera mount with a quick-release plate are also included. The setup also includes a shoulder pad to provide stability and balance.

This Pro Shoulder Mounted Rig is well-constructed and really strong. The shoulder pad is very comfortable and the ball joints wooden handles ensure you’ll never get wrist cramps caused by uncomfortable positions.

Each accessory is on quick-release knobs and you can adjust the rig in just seconds if you find yourself a bit uncomfortable.

Shoulder Rig Filmmaking Kit For Camera/Camcorder

This shoulder mount rig features to improve the stability of your handheld shots by adding a shoulder pad and dual handgrips to your camera setup. Whether you're shooting with small HDSLR cameras or larger camcorders, it provides the support and versatility to fit your needs. The rig includes four 15mm rods (12" / 8", You can change for need), a shoulder pad, and an offset handlebar with two handgrips. The handles are coated with a textured rubber that is sure to make even the sweatiest hands stick. It also has a Manfrotto QR baseplate with both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded screws for mounting your camera.

Rigs allow you to mount any accessories you want but sometimes you may in confusion for so many types to choose.  Ideally, your rig should include only the extra gear needed for the job you are working on. To consider the situation of longer used and you may continue to add or change accessories, a base style rig can be the best chosen.

Anyway, when you want to buy a complete rig, you must understand the work you’ll be doing and the tools you’ll need.

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