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  • HDRiG Shoulder Mounting Rig Solutions
    Dec 13 , 2019
    Although great videos can be shot with just cameras and lenses, many filmmakers find they need additional accessories.Most cine cameras come with some mounting options but it is not enough for adding all external accessories you need.You need a rig that can be mounting and balance accessories. It also can give you a comfortable shooting experience. Let's take a look at the best rigs on HDRiG. The ...
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  • HDRiG A6600 solutions
    Dec 06 , 2019
    Camera a6600 is a new product released by Sony in the second half of 2019. Once released, it was loved by many photographers. We often receive emails that inquiry about the cage and other accessories for a6600. Here is the solution for the a6600. All the first is the cage of the a6600. We have launched two half cages. Half cage design solves the problem of overheating of camera acce...
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  • Best Cage for BMPCC 4K
    Nov 22 , 2019
    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is one of the most popular cameras in 2018. We all love it because of its wonderful camera function such as dual native ISO system, native DCI 4K (4096x2160) resolution and so on. HDRiG provides some cage which make for BMPCC 4K. Come and pick your favorite cage to equip your camera. Today, we will introduce some cages which make exclusively for BMPCC 4K. Come an...
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  • What camera accessories do I need to become a YouTuber?
    Nov 07 , 2019
    When you want to be a YouTuber, what is the first step? Buy a camera with excellent functions, configure the lens and add various accessories such as a microphone, lead lights, etc. In fact, you still need some excellent accessories to get a stable shot. This is what you need, an L-shape Wooden Handle Grip. First of all, this is a sturdy product. The bracket is made of aluminum alloy and has a 1/4...
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  • The Best DJI Ronin S Accessories
    Oct 12 , 2019
    Here is 4 Kind of Accessories for DJI ronin S. 1. Extension Mounting Bracket Hand Grip L Type For Stabilizer DJI Ronin S / Zhiyun Crane L type extension mounting bracket hand grip is designed for gimbal stabilizer like DJI Ronin S, ZHIYUN and so on. The bottom of the bracket is a 1/4 screw that used to mount the stabilizer which has 1/4" screw hole. The top of the bracket is a shoe mount then you ...
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  • HDRiG Sony A6500 Kit Review
    Sep 12 , 2019
    We are always looking for something that cheap and convenient, which can give the junior filmmaker excellent experience in creativing. Recently,We make a new simple Sony a6500 shooting kit. It comes with a full cage, a new handle, a microphone and an HDMI protection clip. This is the newest nato top handle based on ergonomic design. Benefit from the design, it’s comfortable and Gets a stronger gri...
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  • HDRiG Best Budget DSLR Shoulder Rig
    Sep 06 , 2019
    We have developed a set of Shoulder Mount Rig Support Kits. Introduce this kit for you today. It is a portable Pro Rig for Mobile Film-making, with balance, stability, and comfort. This kit is Fits DSLR and Camcorder with 1/4"-20 Screw Hole. Of course, it can be used with camera cage. The kit is divided into three sections. They are the shoulder part, the camera mounting part and the handle part. ...
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  • HDRiG A7 series solutions
    Aug 23 , 2019
    Do you want to transform your Sony camera to a full-fledged video set up? Sony's full-frame mirrorless cameras are popular with its high image quality and high performance. Many YouTuber likes to use Sony camera to make the video. A cage would make video work easier due to its handling and accessory mounting. It can turn your normal camera to a video powerhouse. Comparatively, it may not produce s...
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  • The Best Budget Monitor Bundle for Feelworld F5 4k Monitor
    Aug 16 , 2019
    As we all know, it is important for using an on-camera monitor while you are shooting. Because it can help you to confirm the screen,the angle, and check the work easily during the shooting without going through the small LED of the camera. In order to protect the monitor, HDRiG has provided a directors monitor cage kit that suite your need perfectly. This monitor bundle is made for feel world f5 ...
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