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Set Up Your Smartphone Vlogging Kit with Excellent Grips and Rigs
Oct 16 , 2020

By adding an extra stabilization to your phone, the photography and cinematography of the smartphone can be improved greatly. Using a gimbal is very suitable for shooting smooth moving shots. However, gimbals can be tricky, some gimbal needs to be recharged regularly and they can also break down easily.

The grip is stronger and mostly cheaper, it allows you to take more “handheld” style footage. You’ll get a more stable device for photography. It means you will get more photos that have less motion blur. The smartphones are so small and the shooting shaking is more often a problem than with bigger cameras. So, why not add a grip or rig?

HDRIG do a whole range of smaller grips, mounts and cages.

1. Aluminum Alloy Phone Tripod Mount

With durable anodized aluminum construction, built-in cold shoe mounts, several mounting points like 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 threads holes and an Arca Swiss style foot. The 360-degree rotation design is perfect for rotating your phone into portrait mode (vertical) or landscape mode (horizontal) without taking the phone out of the adapter. You can add a tripod, a LED light, microphone, etc. It is useful for mobile journey, vloggers and people who like to keep things small and compact.

Aluminum Alloy Phone Tripod Mount

2. Smartphone Vlogging Frame

The Smartphone Vlogging Frame is another low cost alternative to the Beastgrip. It has 2 standard hot shoe mounts and a universal 1/4″ threads, so you can mount the whole thing on a tripod if needed.

It’s compatible with most iPhones, Samsungs, Huaweis – indeed most smartphones, with or without a case (from 2in to 3.5in wide).

Smartphone Vlogging Frame

3. Smartphone Filmmaker Grip

The Smartphone Filmmaker Grip with cold shoe mount. Just a simple one hand grip which you can hold or mount to your tripod. Works with any cellphone with a width between 2-3.6 inches (50-92mm). Add a light or mic to the top.

Smartphone Filmmaker Grip

4. Smartphone Holding Rig

Dual handgrip design makes your shooting more stable, made of aluminum alloy and surface is covered with soft rubber, durable and comfortable to hold.

Equipped with 2 cold shoe mounts and several 1/4 inch screw thread for mounting other photography devices like microphone, mini LED video light, etc.

With an adjustable phone clip (5.7cm-9.7cm), which is compatible with most brands of smartphones, such as for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. The bottom 1/4” thread hole are suitable for various professional tripod devices. The clips are padded with rubber cushions that protect your phone from scratches. You can mount the whole thing on a tripod if needed.

Smartphone Holding Rig

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