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What camera accessories do I need to become a YouTuber?
Nov 07 , 2019

When you want to be a YouTuber, what is the first step?

Buy a camera with excellent functions, configure the lens and add various accessories such as a microphone, lead lights, etc.

In fact, you still need some excellent accessories to get a stable shot.

BMPCC4K Shooting Kit

This is what you need, an L-shape Wooden Handle Grip.

First of all, this is a sturdy product. The bracket is made of aluminum alloy and has a 1/4 screw for mounting the camera or stabilizer. It has lots of 1/4 screw holes on the bracket arm for the extended installation of other accessories. The handle is a very comfortable wooden handle with a small shoe mount on the top for a microphone.

This L shape handle is applicable for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K., but it will also work well with a RoninS / Zhiyun crane stabilizer and a tripod.

L Shape Wooden Handle for Ronin S

You also need a cage to protect your camera.

This is a half cage for sony 6500/6400/6600.

A6600 Cage

Why we choose half this half cage?

The cage is small, even under 100g! It is easy to put it in the bag. It has a shoe mount and 1/4"-20 threads, providing you a lot of DIY attaching accessories. The most important is this cage solves the problem of overheating accessories on the camera.

Universal Top Shoe Mount Handle

An easy handle for low Angle shooting is necessary.

To be honest, it is expensive to spend more than $30 on a top handle. But it's worth doing.

This universal top cheese handle is widely used for various kinds of camera, you can directly install this handle onto the top of your camera for convenience. Includes a standard 15mm rod adapter, plenty of 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threaded holes, standard shoe mounts, the handle provides a choice of more accessory installations.

With this handle, your shooting is smoother.

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