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HDRiG Useful Camera Accessories for Under $10
Aug 06 , 2019

D-ring camera screw thunmb screw

Sometimes when you want to connect the camera to the cage, you will find it is so many in trouble that you may need a coin or a key to tight because the camera screw in the cage is the simple type that needs extra help.

The D-ring camera screw with a split ring you can tighten the screw without using other tools.

It can be used for QR plate, camera stabilizer and greatly reduced the time to find the tool.

Mini ball head

Ball head is a necessary part for tripods. But here we talk about the mini ball head.

Mini ball head is made of aluminum alloy for light weight. It is sturdy that can mount devices such as monitor and LED light.

The mini ball head is designed for 360° rotatable & 90° tilt in order to satisfy everyone’s needed. You can adjust the angle as you want. I think this is the reason that everyone loves it.

Standard NATO Safety Rail 105mm & Shoe Mount

This is a simple and useful combination. It has a nato rail and a shoe mount.

The shoe mount with a long 3/8"-16 male thread used to be attached to the NATO rail.

A 105mm nato safety rail plays an important role. It has a large number of 1/4" & 3/8" thread holes to mount devices.

If you only want to set up a simple kit, the most direct way is to add accessories to the camera hot shoe. But a camera only has one hot shoe. This combination sets up an extended mounting point where you can place 2 to 3 accessories such as top handles, LED lights and microphones. The nato rail can be caught by nato clamp accessories.

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