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DJI RONIN SC--The Lightweight, Intelligent Stabilizer Jul 24,2019

DJI announced earlier that it will update its handheld stabilizers for its cameras. And now, the answer was finally officially announced.

The Ronin SC had released. What is Ronin SC? It is a newer, lighter, and slightly more advanced version of the Ronin S. Weighing in at only 2.4 lbs (41% lighter than the Ronin S), the new Ronin SC is specifically designed for smaller mirrorless cameras, with a view to single-handed run-and-gun shooting. So, it can handles camera and lens combinations up to 4.4 lb (2 kg), which will basically handle all the Sony alphas, Nikon Z series, Canon's EOS R, Panasonic's GH-series and Fujifilm's X-H and X-T camera.

With the weighing in at only 2.4 lbs (41% lighter than the Ronin S) and 38% volume reduced, Ronin SC is easy to carry, flexible to operate and convenient for travel. It features a quick release system for fast camera remounting between locations and individual axis locks with both balancing and storage position settings. The motors support around 4.5 lbs of weight from the payload with a battery lasting around 11 hours. Some of the most useful features are the three-axis lock for travel and ability to use Intelligent Modes.

Of course, while improving the lightness of the equipment, the performance inevitably has to pay some price. Compared with Ronin S, which has a durability of 12 hours, Ronin SC is slightly worse for the maximum durability of 11 hours.

However, the new design has brought more excellent balance. The new three-axis lock function can make the disassembly and assembly of equipment more convenient. In addition, in the mobile app, DJI has also prepared two new modes of ADVANCED CONTROL and Active Track 3.0.  The former by tilting and rotating your smartphone, users can control the gimbal with ultra-low latency, delivering a fluid, expressive shot with an instinctive feel. The latter uses deep learning algorithms for precise face and object tracking in both automatic and manual modes.

The price of the Ronin SC is $ $439. The Pro Combo Kit with the RSS Splitter, the Focus Motor, the Focus Motor Rod Mount and other accessories is priced at $539.


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