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Best 5 Camera Accessories For Filmmaker Jul 25,2019


If you are a beginner in photography, who has got a small camera body and a single lens like an entry-level DSLR or mirrorless camera, a bag may not seem necessary. Because a camera bag isn’t going to help you take better pictures. But it's a good way to protect your equipment and keeps rain and dust away. And when you build up your kit of lenses and accessories you'll find that you need something to keep it all together and make it easier to carry. Camera backpacks are a great way to carry heavy kit over long distances. It could help you take more pictures.

The choice of camera bag depends on your personal preferences and the equipment you carry, but it's important to think about how much photographic gear you have. It must allow some spare capacity for future purchases.


A good tripod is necessary for low light, night scenes and landscape shots. It is an important part of your camera arsenal. Because it lets the camera to be at the right angle and keeping it absolutely still to get clear, detailed images. The tripod supports your camera and other equipment, so the stability and strength are the first. Don't try to buy a cheap, fragile tripod, which can cause damage to your camera equipment or blurry photos due to instability. The clip lock on the tripod leg are good for quick deployment, but the twist lock takes up less space and is therefore slightly better when you are transporting the tripod. Aluminum tripods are usually cheaper than carbon fiber, but they are also heavier to carry.

Extra Battery

Extra batteries are an essential accessory and will definitely come in handy. When you buy a camera, the entire budget is usually spent on the body and lens - so people rarely think of buying a spare battery from the beginning. However, it is a very important addition to your camera bag, because the backup battery allows you to continue shooting when the camera is running out of battery - and you can charge other batteries during this time.

A dedicated camera battery handle is a good choice. It can install two batteries at the same time, which not only makes the camera's vertical mode more convenient but also prolongs the camera's shooting time.

Camera cage

Why does the camera cage is necessary?

There are many reasons for it.

Camera is a precision instrument that also very expensive. It’s a huge harm if the camera falls down accidentally when using it.

Camera is a precision instrument that also very expensive. When using the camera, if you accidentally drop the camera, it is easy to cause damage. The camera cage is designed to protect the camera from injury. Cage is generally made of sturdy aluminum alloy. It is light in weight and not easily destroyed in the event of an impact. The design of the cage fits the camera body, which not only facilitates the replacement of the bottom battery, but also provides a large number of additional mounting holes for accessory mounting.

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